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Can I travel by taxi? (Lockdown)?

Hi everyone, so where I live it is a small town it has a Tesco and a few other shops but not many so a lot has gone either way I never shop here I always travel 33 miles to shop by taxi. (I am 21) I am wondering if I was to get a taxi from mine to the shop (Cambridgeshire area) would the police stop taxis? Would I need a certificate to show I am going shopping or proof or something?. I messaged my taxi he said he can pick me up from the location but didn’t say if there would be any problems. 

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  • pmt853
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    10 months ago

    In the current circumstances I think you should shop in Tesco and your other local shops. 33 miles is not local and it would be hard to maintain a safe distance in a taxi, especially over such a long distance.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    No,33 miles isn't local.

  • 10 months ago

    Tesco is surely the only shop you need, so there's no need to travel further.

  • 10 months ago

    33 miles is a long way in these times.  This is the government advice:

    Under the restrictions, everybody must stay at home and only leave for these reasons: to exercise once a day - either alone, or with members of your household  shopping for basic necessities, although this should be done as little as possible

    Note the word "basic"

      medical need, or to provide care for a vulnerable person  travel to or from work, but only where this is absolutely necessary

    My town too only has a Tesco.  As much as I would love to go to another town a few miles away for a change of option (which I used to do most weekends), I won't. I don't want to risk either myself or other people's health.  If we all stuck to the advice, this pandemic might be over faster.

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  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    We are not quarantined in the UK, we are allowed to go out and shop. We can go for a walk. We are not yet a police state so you can take a taxi, ride a bike or walk.

    No problem.

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