Anonymous asked in HealthDental · 8 months ago

I had a back tooth extracted and the tooth next to it now feels loose, is this normal given there is less gum holding it in place for now?

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  • 8 months ago

    Yes. It's not so much the gum that holds it in place but the root of the tooth into bone, supported by adjacent teeth. 

    So when a tooth is removed the teeth which were immediately adjacent lose the support they had and can become loose. That in turn should ideally stimulate new bone growth around the roots and to fill the hole left by the extracted tooth, but it takes about eight weeks or so in healthy adults.

    In addition, tooth extraction is not a gentle process, and it's not uncommon for the web of bone around the root of the extracted tooth to get damaged. That damage can also affect the immediately adjacent teeth, further reducing their support until the bone has healed.

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