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Has anyone had a hard time learning italian or it's just that English is more difficult than Italian?

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  • Zirp
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    8 months ago
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    I fail to see the connection. Yes, some people have a hard time with Italian. Yes, lots of people - especially dyslexics - find English harder than Italian.

    If you think a national language is hard, learn Esperanto

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    No, I'm not finding learning Italian difficult. However, there may be two reasons for this. I have learnt other languages and most of those are Romance languages.

    You cannot say a language is simply difficult. A lot varies with the background of the learner. If English is your native tongue you would find Italian easier to learn than Mandarin. Italian is written in the same script as English. There are many cognate wards. Some grammar is quite different from English, you need to learn vocabulary as in any language and you need to get a grasp of pronunciation, which is not a great challenge for an English speaker. If you were to learn Mandarin you would have to learn tow read and write in a totally different script. There would not be cognates and pronunciation is quite a challenge because its a tonal language. So, it's all relative.

  • Pontus
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    8 months ago

    The question doesn't make sense.  No language is universally difficult.  The languages the learner already knows (how similar/different they are) determines the difficulty of the target language.

    For a monolingual English speaker, per the American Foreign Service Institute, Italian is a level I language, among the easiest languages for such speakers, but that doesn't mean easy.  Just a lot easier than many other languages out there.

    It is a myth that English is one of the hardest languages out there, for all foreigners. 

    Source(s): studied linguistics; taught French; trained for my teaching degree in how people learn languages; four foreign languages (intermediate Italian among them); native English speaker;
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