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Help my dog suddenly is very scared and acting different ?

My dog is a 1 year old Pitbull mix and he usually is pretty skittish i got him around 11 months and he’s been shy. But this whole week he’s been different. When we go on our usual trail walks he now will hide in the bush and won’t come out last time we went i literally had to drag him out. He used to like being in the back yard now when let out he just stands by the door. I literally have to drag him to come downstairs or else he’ll stay upstairs. Normally he only enjoys going on walks at night. At night he’s much happier tail curled up prancing. But during walks during the day tails is always low. I don’t know if the sudden change is because his anxiety is growing or if he’s sick. I feel like he’s not sick because he still eats still drinks water. I’m not really sure though any ideas?

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    1. Human anxiety: He may be sensing your own anxiety during this health crisis. Many dogs have a keen sense of their human's emotions and he may be picking up on this. Many dog's actions base clearly on how their own human reacts to things. Horses do the same thing with a rider.

    2. Not socialized properly: In addition to the above, if he is not properly socialized he may also do this. The dog will need a confident owner who understands how to do this.

    3. Training in the yard: Take time to train the dog to sit on-leash, walk/heel on-leash, etc. The time taken to do this will be well-spent in your dog getting more confident in you as the handler. 

    4. Obedience classes: When health crisis clears up, enroll him in obedience classes. A fearful dog can easily become an aggressive dog, and you will need him exposed to things in a proper manner. As a younger dog, you can do this but may need some guidance.

    5. Illness: Yes, he could be sick. Call your vet and inquire as to what to look for.

    It might be assumed this is a rather sensitive dog. He may be sensitive to your emotions, to things that happened before you got him, to proper socialization, etc. Because everyone's emotions are running a bit high right now, he may be sensing this and hiding for his own "safety". Try to keep things less serious and see how that goes. He just may be your own emotional barometer and his behaviors may help you monitor things, in general. BUT, it would still be a good idea to consult with the vet, since no one really knows the true answer to your question - we are not there.

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    Do you understand the pecking order in a litter? This guy may have been at the bottom of the pecking order & will be shy, timid, scared, submissive, this is referred to a the dogs temperament.

    If this is NOT his normal behavior, there could be a medical reason behind it. If there is something medically wrong with him a trip to the Vet may be necessary. A wellness health check, take advantage of the visit & get toe nail clipped, take a small sample of fresh dog poop so the Vet & do a fecal float test, looking for internal parasites. Check anal glands, ask questions while you are there.

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    Sounds like a dog that has never been trained or socialised properly during the first part of his life... and socialisation means new sounds, sights, smells, which means by the time he hits 1yr old mentally he is behaving like a fearful 8 week old ( but much bigger and so harder to handle)...so yes he sounds very anxious.

    So treat him like a puppy, go out with him, don't just put him out on is own and play ball or practice some obedience outside, which will mentally stimulate him in his own garden, play ball or another game, when inside click him onto you with his lead and  get on with what you normally do, no talking, touching or looking at him that way he can't run upstairs and starts to get used to being with you, YOU making the decisions ( not him) and short lead walks several times a day rather than one long one........... and book some dog training classes ( once the world is more back to normal life)

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