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I need suggestions for a DND scenario?

Hopefully we got some DND fans out there! 

I'm in a bit of a pickle, and I am trying to brainstorm some good ideas for my character. I'm a Kenku Rogue in my friend's campaign and he recently came to take power of a wealthy house (through no particular good means) and needs a good cover up. Lemme kind of cut it short to explain the situation.

There are these "administrators" for different parts of this rundown continent the characters are on. These administrators come from this city in the sky, known for their magically gifted folk (the people on the other continent, however, are SUPPOSED to lack magic). Through a stroke of luck, my character took down one of these administrators after he was on the hunt for my party and it sparked a mini battle which we won. Through this, I happened to take his "proof of administration," essentially becoming the new administrator for his watch and thus taking over his responsibilities/contacts with the city in the sky. 

My question is, what kind of story could I possibly come up with to cover why I came into power? One that hopefully doesn't imply that I killed their administrator? I stick out in this game as Kenku, and my part is somewhat known. But this administrator I killed didn't have any family (only one girl he was constantly writing to back up in the city). We have to attend a meeting in the sky under the guise of the administrator whom they all were aware of who the old one was. 

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