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Alexis asked in SportsSwimming & Diving · 2 months ago

Mom forcing me into life guarding?

Okay so last summer my mom made me sign up for junior lifeguarding lessons and although I love swimming, I hated this. Every Monday we had to go to one hour lessons where we’d have to sometimes go very deep underwater (which I’m terrified of and I get panicky when going under too far), and we had to get a certain number of “public shift” hours in by the end of the summer to graduate from being a junior to a veteran lifeguard. Junior/veteran lifeguards didn’t even get paid for working 3-5 hour public shifts several times a week which to me wasn’t fair at all, and on top of that I had major anxiety and dreaded going there every time. I didn’t really know anybody and Im not the best at making friends because I’m a little awkward and afraid of what people might think of me so I’m kinda reserved. At first I thought this would help get me out of my comfort zone but in all honesty it didn’t. I’m turning 16 in just over a month and I really don’t wanna go back there, advice? Also this isn’t me being lazy or not wanting to have a hobby, it’s just that I prefer to work alone and I’m not great around large groups of people anyway.

1 Answer

  • audrey
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    No swimming this year. Don't worry about it.

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