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What form of martial arts should I do?

I am very interested in competing i don’t want to pursue this as just a hobby. I’ve had a small background in boxing and wresting. I really like the beauty in martial arts as well as the power. I know some types are focused on more power than others and I was hoping you can tell me which one those would be. Power strength and speed in my case is my focus. I am would also like to train in kicks and more footwork. Thank you.

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  • 4 months ago

    You should try MMA classes 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Muay thai, boxing, and bjj or judo and japanese jiu jitsu. I started in wing chun. I still used wing chun principles after I started sparring with muay thai black belts and such. I learned sanda because it was a little different. Then, all the bjj dudes got mad because I'd beat them using japanese jiu jitsu. Lol. Arm bars for days lol. My sanda and wing chun parrying helped me beat professional fighters in sparring. The mix caught them off guard. Surprise is a powerful ally. Feinting too!

  • Steel
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    5 months ago

    Similar questions to yours are asked frequently and I have variations of a canned response:

    What is available in the area in which you are willing to travel for consistent training? I can make a suggestion that fits all the criteria in which you seek, but if the nearest teacher is 200 miles away, it won't do you any good. Check out schools within your desired area. Watch classes, talk with teachers, talk with students, participate in a free trial class if they have one, don't sign any long-term contracts, see if they charge extra for testing, special classes that end up being required, weapons, that sort of thing, see if they train for real-world application or for competition (of if they're just glorified babysitters), and if everything checks out, go for it. If you find a few different places and still need assistance in narrowing down your choices with more specific questions, many here would be willing to help, including myself.

    Good luck - and you'll probably have to wait a while to check places out given the current circumstances.

  • 5 months ago

    Most people will tell you mma, krav maga, BJJ and muay thai, but i'm not most people.

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  • Imp
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    5 months ago

    Go to an MMA gym your experience will do well for you!

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