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Is there a limit to how many people can live in a home?

My friends neighbors home is a 3 bedroom and there’s probably 12 people living in there. Is that legal?

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    also, there may be a difference if owned v rented.  MOST IF NOT ALL AREAS HAVE OCCUPANCY LIMITS.

    depends on local law, many areas go by over all sleeping area space and often includes living room/dining area,basement if its up to code, etc.  a large bedroom can typically legally accommodate at least 4 people.

    the 2 per bedroom rule is a MYTH....that is just a guideline to determine eligibility for a large deadbeat housing voucher or determine housing discrimination.

    some areas have stricter limits on non related people living 12 member of a family may be allowed, but not if its 2 or more families.

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    There are few statutes explicitly pertaining to occupancy.  The limits are usually determined by sanitation arrangements (per health code).  That is, how many bathrooms (1/2 bath, or toilet and sink, actually, plus one with a shower or tub) per number of people.

    If the health code required 1 bathroom per 6 people (only for example), then the house would require 2 bathrooms to accommodate 12 people.  If it were 1 bathroom per 4 people, then there would have to be 3 bathrooms.  Or 2 1/2 baths and one full bath.

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    as long as the owner is fine with It then it is probably legal.

    as far as landlord tenant laws go its 2 people per legal bedroom.

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    Occupancy laws vary by location. So, maybe? Also, maybe not. Depends on where you live.

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    Not really in a single family home in the US. I mean, a family of one mother and one father may have 10 kids and if they all fit and have no problems, then why wouldn't they be legally allowed? You can't regulate how many children a couple (or single person) can have. If the 12 people have 12 vehicles, however, there might be regulations about how many can park in the driveway, or in the yard--but not the number of PEOPLE.

    In a condo or apartment, or any home designated as being in a multi-family building, yes, there are limits. Those are regulated by the people who own the buildings and rent out the apartments. 

    But in a single-family home? Nope.  

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    If they own the home or the landlord doesn't mind, then it might be ok.  There are definite limits some places (about 2 people per bedroom) but other places its really the landlords call on whether the situation is ok or not. You can call code enforcement for the area and ask them if its ok.  If it isn't then ask them to enforce that code.

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    Depends on where you live. Some areas have a local ordinance limiting the number of unrelated people who can live in one residence.

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    Might not be...depends on whether they're all family members and what the local housing codes read.

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    In 3rd-world countries that would probably end up below established limits... but given what is happening I think it will become commonplace as restricting the movements of unhealthy people becomes a priority of governments.

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    Any question of 'is it legal' can only be advised with the addition of a location.  Laws around the world are all different.

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    Depends on where you live and what the specific occupancy laws are.

    You need to contact someone in your city/county government or do some online research.

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