Help me find this movie title please?!?

It is about a father and son, I think it had a name with a city in it, and I think it is based in the East coast or New England Area. The Dad is kind of a rough edged guy and I think it’s a romantic comedy/ drama. The son is a late teenager that secretly loved obese women, and he starts peeping on an obese neighbor lady, that he has a crush on. I think at the end he gets with her and feeds her food. I don’t remember anything else about the movie, but it was soooo good!!! I need to find it. I think it may have been an indie film, not really mainstream- but I did rent it at a redbox. Thanks for your help!!!!!

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    City Island. Prison guard and Bronx native Vince Rizzo (Andy Garcia) tells Molly (Emily Mortimer) from acting class that one inmate,Tony Nardella, is his 24 year old love child. Vince takes Tony home to stay with his family, his straight "A" son with a fat fetish, college dropout/stripper daughter and cute wife. 

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