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I am so confused about whether I can successfully have 3 male rabbits living together.  ?

After asking lots of people and doing lots of research I decided that buying 3 male bunnies together at the same time from the same place would be the wisest choice.  This was based on people saying females can be just as brutal if not worse, and that if they are all bought together they should be fine, it is just when you introduce new bunnies you have trouble.

I bought 3 male rabbits from the same breeder yesterday, and put them all in the same indoor cage together.  They seem happy together.  She said to wait and see whether to desex them or not as it is a big expense and some bunnies can be fine without doing it.  After all three males together there is no risk of pregnancy.

We aim to have them mostly inside, and possibly living in a puppy pen or similar inside, just going out for nibbles on the grass each day.  They will get lots of cuddles every day with my kids.

But now that I put pictures of my 3 new bunnies online, I am having people say that we should never have the number of 3 rabbits, never have males together.  People talk of torn ears and big vet bills.  

So far at 8 to 12 weeks they are getting along beautifully in the single indoor small cage I have them in.  I aim to put them in a bigger pen or something once I work out what to get so any advice on that would be good too.

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  • 8 months ago

    Would it work better if I got a 4th bunny, would 4 work better than 3.... like is the number 3 the problem?

  • 8 months ago

    Trios can work but it isn't considered the ideal bonding. Rabbits tend to do best in bonded pairs. Unless you have some extraordinarily mellow males, the honeymoon isn't likely to last. Once those hormones kick in, all heck can break loose. This is likely why you are hearing those warnings. 

    Baby bonds don't really count as true bonds because those hormones can drastically alter their behavior. Those changes could happen any day now or it could take a couple/few months from now. Babies typically get along just fine, but even the cuddliest of rabbits can turn into bitter enemies with the onset of hormones.

    If they are still getting along now, the best chance for them to maintain that bond is to have all 3 neutered. That will keep those hormones from interfering with (and perhaps destroying) their current relationship. 

    If you wait until they exhibit hormonal behaviors and/or they begin to fight, then neutering them will be necessary to give them any hope of bonding in the future. But by waiting for hormones to kick in, it increases the likelihood of them having trouble bonding. 

    If they are neutered before those hormones kick in, that gives them the best chance for long-term bonding. Their least chance for remaining bonded would be to leave them intact. None of the options guarantee that they will remain bonded. 

  • 8 months ago

    Neuter them or they might get into fights. The problem with 3 males is that it makes it harder for them to get along, even if they’re brothers. They’ll try to be the dominant male and if you have 3, it’s that much harder. 

    Small cage isn’t doing any good. You need a large cage so that each male can dominate an area and there can be neutral areas where they can socialize. 

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