how to check wifi router network name connection in windows 10?

my windows 10 only shows what network im connected to when im on the password sign in page. when the desktop comes, there is absolutely no way to know which router my internet is connected to, even if i go to network settings, it will show no router information. i always have to turn the computer off and go back to the sign in page to see my wifi router connection, is this how everybodys windows 10 is? if not, how to show what the wifi is connected to while on the internet and desktop page?


No there is no wifi icon in the taskbar, this icon is only visible in the windows sign in page where you press login or u type in a windows password. completely not there when im in destop

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  • keerok
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    If I hover over the wireless connection icon in the system tray on the desktop, I see which router exactly is my computer connected to. If you don't see yours, you can try going to the Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel.

    If it's still not there, the router may have been setup not to broadcast its name (but I'm not totally sure about this).

  • 4 months ago

    Once you are connected in Windows 10, there should be a wifi icon on the lower right task bar. If you hover your mouse over that ICON it will show the name of the wifi you have connected. If you click on it you will see a list of all available wifi networks.  The icon should be just to the left of the time/date information. If not click the up arrow and see if you find a wireless looking icon.  If you are connected by ethernet you will see a "network" icon not the wireless one!  When connected by ethernet there is not any wifi connections that are working.  

    OK, if you don't see the ICON once you login, you are not an administrator.Try the following ...

    1. Right-click on the start menu toolbar  2. Go to 'taskbar settings'  3. In the 'Taskbar' main menu, scroll down fine under where it says 'notification area', click on 'Select which Icons appear on the task bar'   4. The one you need to turn on should be called 'Network'. As it's switched on, you should see the WiFi icon in your taskbar

    IF you don't see those be sure you are an administrator for the computer.

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