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can someone help me understand how being contagious and fighting off virus /bacteria work?

So, if virus or bacteria enters your system, and if someone never gets sick or heals from it, what did actually happen during the process? Was that person already born with antibodies that can kill virus/bacteria(VB) and have killed all VB and got rid of them from the body, so that  person doesn't have any that perticular VB? But if a person is not born with the antibodies, that person never get healed ( unless VB is intervened by medical treatment) and eventually dies? 

Or is it that, no one is actually born with existing antibodies for anything, but person is born with some genetic ability to develop antibodies when getting infected, and if a person can develop needed antibodies, then he /she get recovered, but, if not, that person dies (unless intervened by medical treatment)?And, once a person get cured of VB( let's say a person got infected by corona and got recovered without any medical treatment), is it that the body has none of covid19 because antibodies killed and got rid of all of them, that person is not contagious anymore? or is it that the person still has covid19 in his system but his antibodies is strong enough to sort of contain covid19 under control, in which case, he is still contagious? So, I'm wondering, if someone has recovered from covid19, can that person still be contagious? thanks. 

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  • Tulip
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You don't develop antibodies until you have a virus and recover and this is also how a vaccine works. You do not develop antibodies to bacteria. You could spend some serious time educating yourself on Google you are clueless

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