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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsOther - Family & Relationships · 2 months ago

Feeling guilty for leaving my apartment because of corona?

No I didnt leave yet. Im thinking of going to the supermarket which is only an 8 minute walk from me to get some ingredients i need for this dinner dish I am thinking of cooking. Its only 1 or 2 tiems then back to my apartment. I just feel guilty for even thinking of leaving because of the coronavirus and in my state here in NYC you are only allowed out if you are an essential worker or if you need to buy essential items like food or pick up medicine. Should I go or stay? Its a dinner dish that can last for 2 dinners. I wouldnt be out for more than 30 minutes.. or should I just stay inside and make something else?


Honestly i dont know if this is the right category but this is what my question got posted in :/

Update 2:

I meant items not tiems

Update 3:

Well in my area people are taking photos of people going out and not being home saying that people arent practicing social distancing and then the comments get nasty.. im in a local group and noticed that :/  

6 Answers

  • Edna
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Oh, for heaven's sake!  Go to the grocery store and get what you need to make dinner!  Grocery shopping is an essential trip. You don't have to stay in your house all the time, and nobody expects you to do so. 

    Wear a mask, if it gives you peace of mind. Be aware though that wearing a mask doesn't  protect YOU from acquiring a contagious illness. A mask only prevents you from passing your germs on to people you come into contact with.


    As far as social distancing:  I see my neighbors out with their friends, walking down the street together every day; and none of them is  practicing "social distancing".

    If people in your neighborhood are taking pictures of others they see out and about, then the people taking the pictures aren't staying home either; are they?  

    What do they intend to do with those pictures?  Perhaps you should inform the people in your neighborhood who are photographing someone without that person's permission (unless the person being photographed is a celebrity) is illegal and is invasion of privacy.

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Unless you're going to starve without this trip you'd be a better person to skip it. You can place an order for these special ingredients to be delivered at some later date. But you're in the hottest of hot spots at the moment so we'd all appreciate it if you'd just make due with what's already in your pantry.

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  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You are entitled to buy food.

    Just keep a respectable distance.

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  • 2 months ago

    I have no idea what you "should" but NYC is the epicenter for coronavirus right now.

    Not sure why you'd feel "guilty".... guilt is for criminals, and i doubt you're a criminal.

    This is a personal decision you need to make for yourself. I hope things work out

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  • 2 months ago

    You are ok getting food.  Tho protect yourself with a face mask and gloves and wash your stuff when you get home.  In your area there are restrictions for a good reason.  Get some extra food while you are there so you'll have things for a week or two.

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  • 2 months ago

    you are allowed to go to the grocery store and you are being kind of ridiculous over it.

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