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Chris asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 2 months ago

Can I see if someone tried to log into my amazon account?

A while ago I set up two step verification for amazon when I got amazon prime. Last night I got a text at 2:30am with the code to sign in (when you get the password right it sends you a code that you need to put in to actually get into the account). I was obviously sleeping as was my family, is there a way to check? Like I don’t think someone could’ve guessed my password and I’m just curious as to who would’ve tried to get in my account

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  • 2 months ago
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    If you got the notification then the security is working, dont worry too much. If you want to look into it then email amazon customer services with the date and time of the attempt they can tell you where it came from. Odds are it was some remote country ip trying random emails and passwords on the off chance. Well done for having 2fa turned on.

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  • ron h
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    2 months ago

    most likely, someone typed in your user name by mistake.  But if you haven't yet, change your password.    I don't remember if AMZ shows you the last time you logged in. 

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