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how do I keep my land line number and have it go to Google voice?

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  • 2 months ago

    I read an article on it. 

    The secret is to port your home phone number over to a cell phone first...temporarily.

    You need to buy a burner cell phone, something real cheap.  Port your home phone over to that phone.  T-Mobile has a prepaid plan where you can get 30 minutes / texts for $3 a month.  I keep a dumb phone just as an emergency phone with this plan, in case I need to loan it to my mother in law or my other phone dies.

    Anyway, port your home phone number to that cell phone. The cell phone company can do that for you. Then once established, request Google Voice to port that number, which is now your cell number, to Google Voice.  I think there is a fee of $20 to do that.

    Then if you want, you can use an Obi device to make that a free home phone.  Or for a small additional fee, add E911 to it.

    Youtube has lots of good videos on this.

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    • Lee2 months agoReport

      thank you I`ll try that

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