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first and middle name help!!!?

Honest thoughts? Choosing middle names is almost as hard as choosing first names!! Please feel free to share any suggestions.

*It would be a BIG help if you went through each name one by one.*

Estella Rose (nickname Stella).    

Eliza Maeve.

Elinor Jane. 


Cowie Madeline. 

April Kaylee or April Jade. 

Lily Ruth. 

Scarlett Eva or Scarlett Rose


Please be respectful, but honest. thanks!

Update 2:

haha Cowie Madeline was a beloved stuffed animal name that I couldn't help but stick in!! Not seriously considering it lol.. I also don't know what my 4 year old self was thinking!

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  • Aga
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    4 months ago

    Inspired by your suggestions I love:

    Maeve Eliza - Maizie - 10/10

    Rose Elinor - Rosie - 9/10

    Jane Cowie - Jane - 9/10

    The others are not favoured by me.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Estella Rose: it flows nicely. It’s not my style but it’s pretty.   Rose is a little too common for my taste. 8/10

    Eliza Maeve: another great flow. I like Eliza more than Maeve.  6/10

    Elinor Jane:  I don’t like the spelling you have here. Eleanor is better. I really dislike Jane.  Eleanor is gorgeous.  7/10

    Cowie Madeline : ummmm no on the Cowie. 😂.    Madeline is pretty though. 

    April Kaylee: doesn’t really flow. I’d like to see Kaylee as the first name. Kaylee April would flow so much better. April Jade is pretty. Not a huge fan of the name April . 7/10

    Lily Ruth:  Lily is popular but very pretty . I don’t like Ruth but it flows. 6/10

    Scarlett is my favorite! It’s a gorgeous name.  Scarlett Rose is beautiful 10/10 and Scarlett Eva is pretty as well 

    Adalyn Rose

    Olivia Scarlett

    Rachel Olivia 

    Elena Jade

    Lila Brooke 

    Ayla Jade 

    Jocelyn Olivia 

    Jocelyn Noelle 

    Delaney Rose

    Kaylee Brooke 

    Rachel Corinne 

    Talia Jade 

    Savannah Lauren 

    Laura Jocelyn 

    Mariah Scarlett 

  • 4 months ago

    No crazy names and middle names DO NOT MATTER.  Don't put too much thought into this. You give your dumb kid a DUMB NAME...and they get PICKED ON for a FREAKING LIFETIME!! STELLA!!!!


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  • 4 months ago

    You asked for an opinion- the only names I like are Estella Rose. Both old but, very nice names. Nickname Stella  sounds good for a nick name.

  • 4 months ago

    Estella Rose: I think if you are going to call her Stella, then do Stella Rose, which is gorgeous and my favorite name on your list.

    Eliza Maeve: Super cute, one of the top three of your list.

    Elinor Jane: Also in the top three of your list; very cute for a little one and will "grow up" with her.

    Cowie Madeline: I do not like Cowie at all, my niece calls her comfort object Cowie because it has a cow on it.

    April Kaylee/Jade: Cringe-y, I don't think it flows nicely together.

    Lily Ruth: Decent, I like it.

    Scarlett Eva/Rose: I do not like Scarlett Eva, doesn't sound nice together. Scarlett Rose flows better, but sounds like a crayon color.

  • blank
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    4 months ago

    I will Rate,comment and pick my favroite 

    To hopefully help you better. Suggestions are at the end of the list.

    Estella Rose (nickname Stella).    

    Eliza Maeve. 8/10 it is A nice combo.

    Elinor Jane.  6/10  I prefer the spelling of Eleanor over Elinor. I would rate it as 8/10 with the spelling I suggested. Jane has always been on of my favroites.

    Cowie Madeline. 0/10  Not keen on Cowie. I like Chloe though. I would rate it 10/10 if it was Chloe and not Cowie. Madeline is nice 

    April Kaylee  5/10 I am not keen on this combo together. I also prefer April as a middle name.


    April Jade. 5/10 Agian I prefer April  as a middle name. Jade is nice but I prefer it as a middle name which you have put it in the namw.

    Lily Ruth 10/10 I love this one.

    Scarlett Eva 8/10  A good combo.

    Scarlett Rose 10/10 my favroite on your list.

    My favroite is scarlett Rose.


    Olivia Jade

    Ava Rose

    Catherine Elizabeth 

    Sarah Ann

    Nicole Eden

    Heather Michelle 

    Sophia Jasmine

    Heidi Lynn

    Michelle Ann

    Amy Elizabeth

    Sophia Michelle

    Jasmine Grace

    Sophia Grace

    Stephanie Faith

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Estella Rose: no way!! I know an Estella (Stella) Rose.. it's really pretty! small world.

    Eliza Maeve: meh

    Elinor Jane: I love the spelling and like combo.

    Cowie Madeline: Never heard Cowie. I suppose it's kinda cute, other than being cow... but I agree, does sound like Mad Cow. 

    April = pretty name, but not a fan of either middle name. I guess Jade is ok.

    Lily Ruth - actually I really like this

    Scarlett Eva = great (love it actually), Scarlett Rose = also really good

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Estella Rose (nickname Stella).   Nice - good choice

    Eliza Maeve.   Not a fan of the middle name - too "old" - sounds too outdated.

    Elinor Jane.   Not a fan of the first name - also sounds too outdated

    Cowie Madeline.   PLEASE - tell me you aren't seriously considering any part of something that could easily be twisted into "Mad Cow".

    April Kaylee or April Jade.   Both of these are nice

    Lily Ruth.   Both of these are classic older names - but they are not so far outdated that they no longer work.  GREAT choice.

    I would also offer these for consideration:

    Misty Rose

    Melody Rose

    Rose does make a great middle name and pairs with many first name choices.

  • 4 months ago

    All of them are indeed beautiful names, Scarlett Rose is really pretty but so is Estella Rose. But what about Amelia Rose, any name goes beautifully with Rose. What about Venus Rose or Nova Rose or Starlight Rose. Any name you choose I guarantee will be very beautiful.

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