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when will it be safe to 'handle' my parcel?

i ordered a product online from under armour recently, i am from the uk, and UPS delivered my parcel this morning.....but due to this coronavirus situation, when will it be safe to open my parcel and wear my new pants?

i live in a flat and have just left the parcel near my front door unopened, and i want to know when it will be safe to 'handle' the package, so i can open it and wear my new pants?

will i have to wait 24 hours until the virus has died on the package?, then open the package?


a big thanks to the users who answered and helped.

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    If you have gloves, wear them.  If you can get the contents out by not touching them, you can do that, carefully dispose of the packaging then thoroughly wash your hands.  If it is in a box, you can wait 24 hours.  However, a lot of posties are wearing gloves, so any virus may have died by the time it gets to you.

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    3 days is the ultimate for Coronavirus. Then it dies. Just wear gloves if you want to open it immediately. 

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    If you’re worried about it then just spray or wipe the outside of the package with disinfectant, methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol. 

    That all assumes it’s got a plastic outer wrapper. 

    The virus can survive on hard surfaces for around 9 to 14 days according to some sources, but is said to last 3-4 days on plastic surfaces and about 24 hours on cardboard (which is made of paper).

    The exact means of transmission is still not fully understood but surface contact is not thought to be a major method of transmission.

    Alternatively just handle the package as usual and then wash your hands properly after opening it. If your unwashed hands touch anything wrapped in plastic inside the outer plastic shipping wrapper then wash your hands again and then leave the item for a few days or disinfect the outside as described previously.

    If you want to exercise an abundance of caution then once you have fully opened the package, launder the item immediately. Although that will prevent you from being able to return the garment for an exchange or refund if it doesn’t fit or if you simply don’t like it.

    Ultimately you have to accept that you cannot eliminate the risk of catching Covid-19 entirely. Sooner or later you’ll most likely catch it, and about 20% of people seem to either be totally immune to it, or they get the  virus and never show any symptoms. At least 95% of those who do catch it are not killed and the majority of survivors do not get the disease really badly so have an excellent chance of making a full recovery.

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    Some experts in the US say that parcels should be safe. Even so I treat them as contaminated. I keep the hand sanitizer at hand. Open the box. Use the hand sanitizer and then remove the article from the box. I then toss the box and then I go and wash my hands. 

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    wipe it with a disinfectant cloth.

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    Someone I know online whose family member is immunocompromised brings in the mail and any packages wearing gloves and sets it in a box on the dining room table, where there's a box for every day of the week. He puts it in the box labeled with the day it can be safely handled, twenty-four hours after delivery if it's paper or cardboard. He says if it's slippery cardboard with printing on it, rather than the rough brown stuff, he gives it forty-eight hours.

    If I were you, I'd bring it inside, wash my hands well, then refrain from touching it until this time tomorrow.

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