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I Have Earned Points, Not Thousands, But Why Remove Them, And If You Don't Like My Questions Or Answers So What, I Don't Read Your Activity.?

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    Why remove them?  Well Peter, that is an easy question to answer.  You have 168 "questions" that are really rants and have been reported.  Start following the guidelines here and it will stop.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Lock your profile down so that no one can see your activity. Go to your preferences to do it. Doing that might slow some people down but won't stop them when they run into your question when answering questions.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    you can't force anyone to not read anything..lame question

  • ?
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    8 months ago

    As pointed out, when you joined Yahoo Answers, you agreed to abide by their policies, both in the Terms of Use, as well as the Community Guidelines. If you're losing points, then that means you're either posting rants, trolling, or misusing the site, in a means that it was NOT intended to be used. Users can report those posts whether they're questions, or answers. Yahoo Answers is NOT, and was NOT intended to act as a bully pulpit, but rather as a knowledge repository, for knowledge, and also for some personal experience. All questions are to be of knowledge seeking/worthy, and all answers are to be knowledge worthy. If they aren't, then they can be reported, and removed. If it continues, the offender MAY lose their account. If you don't like the way Yahoo is operated, then find another site to use. If you like trolling, then maybe you can find it on any of the Reddit subsections.

    A point so many either miss, or outright ignore, and the attempt to use the freedom of speech claim. Some even try top claim that publicly traded is the same as publicly owned property, which it's not. A park held by a government that's for use by the public, is public property. However that's not so with a company, who offers a share of ownership of the company, to the general public. Publicly traded means that a person with the funds can buy into, and own a piece of the company.

    However that company is still privately owned, which some WILL TRY to argue means nothing, and are trying to revoke the rights of the majority ownership, by declaring that the law is on their side, and the property i.e. in this case Yahoo Answer does NOT have the right to prohibit them from exercising their legal lawful right to freedom of speech, as Yahoo is according to them public property, as is any website that users can post on. That leaves three things, they're not comprehending the difference of what public property and publicly traded actually means as defined under the law. That they know what it means, and prefer to ignore it. The last is that they've decided that they're going to interpret the law, and tell others that they're wrong, when they know that the people telling them otherwise, that they're trying to make the law bend and make it where the ownership has no rights, except what they decree.

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  • 8 months ago

    My friend......when you joined this AGREED to abide by IT'S   rules and guidelines here. 

    You do NOT  have free speech here . 

    You have free speech  UP TO the boundaries  that this site has set. 

    Once you pass those boundaries or blithely  IGNORE them,  the site is within it's rights to  penalize you, or suspend your account. 

    You agreed to abide by the RULES  here........when you created your account.    If you wish to now IGNORE those rules......... well, that is YOUR choice. 

    and the site, and it's users,  also have a choice, to use the options to take down your offensive content. 

    There's no mystery here............these have been the rules since the site was created.  

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    8 months ago

    If you post something that is a violation, it's the Community's responsibility to report it as a violation. When enough users do that, the post is removed and the user is docked 10 pts. YOU agreed to abide by all rules (TOS and CGs) here when you created your Yahoo account. Violations SHOULD be reported. Non-violations should NOT be reported. If you don't want your posts removed, don't post violations. If you have a post removed that wasn't a violation, you can appeal it here

  • It may be time for Peter to find another site to ask and answer questions.  Things are not working out for you here.

  • 8 months ago

    You do not ask questions, Peter. All you do is Post provoking rants. That is  WHY Yahoo/Verizon in Australia or the UK is deducting points. You must be looking at your YA,activity profile. Otherwise, how would you know you are losing a substantial number of points. You hang yourself in your own hypocrisy. 

  • Daniel
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    8 months ago

    Points may be Removed if your Question or Answer gets Reported and Deleted as a Violation of the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines

    You cant say what you want on here there is no Freedom of Speech like some people think there is

    See the Rule Book here

    If after Reading the Rules you find nothing Wrong was Done you can Try Sending in a Appeal for the Deleted Questions or Answers

    To Appeal go here

    Select Contact a Yahoo Specialist then Appeals then Follow the Instructions from there

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