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East West Puppy Legs!!?

I got my puppy from a breeder in January. She’s about 3 months right now. When I got her she was very tiny and skinny. We started feeding her around 4-5 times a day but it was 1-2 tablespoons of her chicken, rice and meat mix each time. We also give her, her dog food and add in some yogurt to the diet too. She also eats fruits sometimes. Now we feed her around 3-4 times a day. She is a chihuahua Australian terrier mix. When she sits and looks at me I’ve noticed her feet go east west and I’ve been researching and honestly I don’t really know how to correct it or what to give my pup. I give her half a vitamin everyday (how it’s directed on the bottle). I would go to the vet right now and ask but with the coronavirus virus I rather stay inside and not risk everything. I’ve read online that some breeds simply have feet that go like that but their paws have to be clenched together and if their little fingers are apart then it’s not right, which my puppy has her paw flat out and not together. I’ve also read it could be lack of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, too much protein and/or she’s teething right now. For the teething which her teeth haven’t started falling out yet, I have these puppy bone teething treats that she loves to chew and they also have calcium for the bones. Another thing I’ve read online is that she could be slightly overweight and her bones just can’t hold her weight or it’s something that will just go away as she grows. 

So I really don’t know what to go with..any advice?


If you have some bs to say like previous people on here have. Please take it elsewhere I don’t want to hear it :)!

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    A reputable breeder will typically assist you with these types of questions and issues. Yours sound like they might be the "fast cash" type, considering the dog is a combo of two breeds.

    If they're not able to help, just get into a vet as soon as you can. Is your puppy current on vaccines? If not, get it caught up quickly ...especially for parvo. And when you take it into a clinic, make sure it stays in a carrier or on your lap. Don't let in on the floor and don't allow it to interact with other dogs, for now.

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    You arent going to correct east-west legs.

    It is a defect due to the fact that the dog came from a BYB. Likely one or both parents has the fault.

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    Chicken, rice and meat??? Is that all you are giving her? And is this raw or cooked? Dogs NEED bone meal, organ meats, etc. It's no wonder your backyard breeder isn't growing. IT'S MALNOURISHED!

    WTF is wrong with you? Dogs don't need rice and fruit. They are CARNIVORES. Switch to a quality grain free kibble because there's no way someone like you is intelligent enough to figure out raw feeding.

    Shame on you. This poor puppy. It will NEVER grow as large as it should have thanks to you. Get it to a vet IMMEDIATELY. Hopefully stunting its growth is the only damage you've done.

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    I have no idea what east west legs are.  Sound like an explanation by a child.

    Oh, dogs also don't have fingers.

    Instead of continuing to ask questions about this puppy, here's a thought!  Take a chance and TAKE HER TO A VET.

    The breeder might give you info, BUT no responsible breeder deliberately breeds mixes.

    You've had her since January (2 months) and she's 3 months old this month?  What?  That is actually illegal in my State.

    Her diet is inexcusable no matter HOW old you are.

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