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Does evolution disprove the Adam and Eve story? What do you think?

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    Three quotes from a physicist who wrote the book below (the whole of which needs reading to answer your question - hopefully these quotes will whet your appetite to see why this scientist believes God directly created the first two humans.) "The theory is that although genetic mutations are overwhelmingly damaging or neutral in their effect, favourable mutations improve reproductive success, and beneficial mutations then spread through the population because their owners reproduce more successfully than others. But, if true, then humans are seriously over-evolved. We have 'acquired' characteristics that far exceed any conceivable value" re. improved reproduction. This was shown in the London 'Times' newspaper article written by Terry Sajnowski, professor of computational neurobiology at the Salk Institute in California." 22 January 2016 p1 and see link below.

    That was specifically with regard to the immense potential of the human brain. Next quote agrees that "Darwinian processes can and do produce minor changes I the characteristics of populations ('microevolution'), it is incapable of creating the major changes required to transform one kind of creature into another ('macroevolution')… But genetic engineering requires the skilled and purposeful manipulation of organisms by intelligent human agents; it doesn't happen by chance or accident."

    Prof. Andrews then relates a BBC 'Newsnight' discussion he had where David Attenborough scornfully asked him if he believed that God took a handful of mud and fashioned it into a man. As presenter Jon Snow broke in and prevented him responding, he says in his book, "But isn't that exactly what macro-evolution teaches, except that it took 4000 million years to happen by rando mutations?"

    Finally, please go to the recent answer by Anonymous at  "What scientific experiments have Christians done to prove evolution isn’t true?"

    It has a photo of an upright tree set in deep layers of rock. Just read what he or she says in answer to that Q about scientific proof of evolution not being true. It doesn't deal specifically with A & E but evolution in general. Well worth considering.

    Source(s): Edgar Andrews, “What is Man? - Adam, Alien or Ape?” (Elm Hill 2019)
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    There's nothing to prove or disprove because the stories (there are at least two in the book of Genesis) are allegorical.  If you do interpret them literally they can be disproven without evolution because there wouldn't be enough genetic diversity in a population descended from two individuals for it to survive more than a couple of centuries at most.  You're talking incest as the only form of reproduction and that just ain't gonna work.

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    I think that evolution as we know it is untrue. Perhaps God used evolution to create some animals, and that during creation, He started making the first species of animals, such as the first species of turtles, kangaroos, etc. I think the story disproves evolution, but let's keep an open mind. God's ways are not ours.

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    Evolution makes no research into myths like that; the evolutionary discipline is based on evidence, not assertions without evidence.

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  • Paul
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    Of course not. The truth conveyed by the Adam and Eve story is that God brought into existence all that exists. The fact that existing species gradually change over time, forming new species, doesn't contradict that fact.

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    Nope. Not in the least. One would have to prove that atheistic evolution is the sole reason for the diversity of life this planet has known first. And that just isn't going to happen.

    Only one mutation in 100 is even weakly beneficial. Half are fatal. The rest are debilitating. The trends of atheistic evolution are to weakness, disease, and death, not to life and diversity.

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    Evolution of man began millions of years before Adam and Eve (NEPHILIM Sons of God).

    1. Man was "MADE(evolved), not in God's image, millions of years ago.

    2. Adam and Eve were "CREATED(not made) in God's image about eleven thousand years ago.

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    No of course it doesn't.  What do I think?  I think we should believe God and stop making up these theories.  God has made it plain how this world and animals and humans came into being.  What is the point of God having His Word recorded for us Christians if we don't read it and don't obey it?  As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord

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    Evolution is just the theory of Darwin's that has never been proven as fact. In fact, according to New Scientist: "An increfasing number of scientists, most particularly a growing number of evolutionists....argue that Darwinian evolutionary theory is no genuine scientific theory at all....Many of the critics have the highest intellectual credentials."--June 25, 1981, p.828. Carl Sagan, in his book Cosmos, candidly acknowledged: "The fossil evidence could be consistent with the idea of a Great Designer." ---(New York, 1980, p. 29). The Bible tells us that our original parents were created from the dust of the ground and that if they disobeyed they would die and return to the ground. That is exactly what happened to them and happens to all who die.--Genesis 2:7 + 3:19 also Ecclesiastes 3:18-20 + 9:5-10;---Even the wicked return to the dust at death. I invite you to learn more about what the Bible teaches from the international website, and Bible Teachings > Online Lessons. Thank you.

  • Nick
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    I always thought the Adam and Eve story was a reasonable allegory for evolution. Eve hands Adam the apple from the tree of knowledge on the advice of a snake, seems like that could represent choosing sexual selection based on intelligence. They become aware of death and nudity, things lower animals aren't aware of. It is an ignorance is bliss story. Eden is the ignorance of the great apes from which we evolved.

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