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Should EPL continue without fans?

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  • 8 months ago

    No,its not good.Because fans are very important part of game.Moreover present sisuation is very risky for man.Everybody should stay home.

  • 8 months ago

    It's gotta do bro how else is they gonna finish it man?

  • 8 months ago

    I think it will have to.

  • If you have a box of 8 muffins and each muffin is in its own wrapper,  you will take on and proceed to eat it.

    halfway through eating the first one - your phone rings and your door rings.  you place the muffin on kitchen counter and tend to both things.

    you end the call with the friend but the person outside is tkaing up a lot of your time, its the water company and they want to know where the mains fed pipes lead into your house.  After an hour they leave and you go back inside and fancy a muffin.

    Do you remove a muffin out of the box,  un wrap it and eat it ignoring the fresh tasty half eaten one on the counter ?

    it would be a shame on epl and the fans after everything theyve done to put themselves in the position they have, we take it away from them.   It will then be known as the the league title that was taken away from liverpool.

    they deserve it and none of us should complain about this fact.   theyve been so good throughout 2019-20 that to null the season would be most unfair on them, never mind the rest of us or  the clubs at the bottom.

    however we have a pandemic a  global pandemic and lives are at risk and so the premier league season simply must take a back seat.

    without the fans at live matches in stadiums is a joke.

    its not the same without people en masse watching, cheering, singing on their teams. 

    Watching a prem game with no fans visible in the stadium is odd.

    we should finish the season at a suitable date in the future.  Thats the best I can think of.   Its better to null/void something that has not been started yet ( 2020-21)  as i said earlier.   2019-20 has started and needs finishing.   Only 9 or 10 games left for most.

    2020-21 is 38 games , and we have to start from game 1 to 38.   No guarantee covid-19 might to rear its ugly head again, imagine having TWO seasons which remain unfinished.   The idiots who nulled/voided the first season would be forced to do the same again here.

    imo we must finish this sesaon before start a new one. that makes way way more sense than anything else.

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  • 8 months ago

    82 points

    57 points

    25 points clear

    just needed 6 points to 'confirm' the league title.

    and then Covid-19 arrived.

    football right now is not important.  lets be very clear on this.

    when Germany were threatening to take over all of Europe,  football didn't matter then either.

    Same thing now.

    what matters now is life!

    football should not continue while the pandemic is rife.   we WAIT and keep the season on HOLD for as long as it may take.

    when things drasticaly improve we resume and finish the league.    Its better to finish the season instead of starting a new one.  Also its only fair a team thats worked hard to go 25 pts clear gets to try and finish the league breaking 100 points record :-D

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Yes, they could show it on TV....for everybody!

  • 8 months ago

    They are playing games without any fans in Australia and Japan 

  • 8 months ago

    I would hate to see that but If they have no other options, then so be it.

  • 8 months ago

    Nahh that idea sucks, just end as is and award things out as they are. That's fair, tough luck to all the loser clubs that sucked up until now, they don't deserve squat. 

  • You mean should the games be played behind closed doors, in order to complete the season?

    The issue with that is though,  is that the reason all football was suspended in the first instance was because   people inside the game were found to have been playing behind closed doors,  wouldn't stop  managers players trainers officials refs  etc  being together in a single location, which is how this virus spread to 3 or more players and a manager  in the first place..

    i'm a pool fan, and would love to have the season finish properly so we can claim our first league title in some 30 years, but i also realize that potentially saving human lives is far more important


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