how about trying to kill the fake panic? its a fake panic.  ?

the sars and h1n1 flu were both worse than this covid19 virus. more contagious and more deadly.

why no panic then? no you tube and no facebook and no media induce mass hysteria. its a fake panic. this flu should take all the same precautions as all the other flu's. no different, no panic.

this stupid hysteria is killing the economy, that is the real pandemic, the media fake news.

what im getting at more than anything else is that the panic is the more dangerous part of this pandemic, not the virus. the fake news spreading panic for no extra ordinary reason besides mass hysteria paranoia.

we as a people have gone thru this before more than once but this is the first time the population has gone thru it with this much media coverage. from facebook and you tube and the major media outlets. the most ever coverage ever. from idiots. and that incites panic. the fake panic. like the y2k panic. its not a real panic.


get it over with, get sick, get isolated, get immune, get back to life.

would it be better if those who are healthy deliberately get it and then isolate themselves until healthy again, no longer sick or contagious so then they are immune. then they can go back to normal life.

what if we all shut down until we think its safe then we all go back out into the world only to get it anyways then have to shut down all over again. maybe how many times that cycle will continue to happen?


Update 2:


maybe our doctors, all doctors and politicians should study how taiwan and singapore handled the situation and copy it, if its not to late to do so already.

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  • 6 months ago
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    The panic is real but you're right, it's over nothing worse than what we've seen before.

    But it's a good opportunity for governments to clamp down, exercise power, get rid of civil liberties and for corporate giants to sell products and make tons of money.

    This virus IS dangerous to some but it's nothing to panic about.

  • Tulip
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    6 months ago

    Covid 19 is NOT a flu and it is uneducated morons like you that are the problem.

  • 6 months ago

    For off SARS is not a flu virus. Coronavirus is not a flu virus. The flu is circulating out there and causing the usual seasonal shortages of hospital beds. Before the coronavirus cases we were closing hospital admissions because of the flu and other respiratory winter cases. On top of that we will get hit with coronavirus cases. It's a composite of all the respiratory pathogens out there that will deplete the resources. It's not one or the other or which is worse. 

    SARS has a much higher fatality rate compared to the flu and coronavirus. People get sick quicker and more deadly which limits their ability to transmit the disease. Coronavirus has many asymptomatic cases which are spreading the disease all over the place. It has a higher death rate compared to the flu. 

    The whole point is every year there is a pandemic of one virus usually the seasonal flu. This year there are two pandemics together. 

  • Tavy
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    6 months ago

    So you have not seen the news from Italy or Spain, is that fake news?

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  • 6 months ago

    Not even Trump or Fox News is pretending your BS is true any more.

  • 6 months ago

    Unlike the other virus, there is no vaccine for the corona yet. There has been no new cases of the swine since the outbreak ended. 

    It also doesn’t stay in the body long enough for the body to make antibodies to fight it off so it’s possible to catch it multiple times. There’s already a case where a guy got it, recovered, then caught it again. 

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