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What are recruitment agencies and how do they work?

Recruitment agencies working in India

1 Answer

  • Mr. P
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Recruitment agencies are there to make a profit. 

    They put out a lot of adverts for people to work for them. They accept the applicants - then put them on hold.

     They then contact companies saying they have workers able to fill-in temporary jobs or waiting for any job they may offer.

     A company says yes we need a worker and will pay $300 a week. They say yes.

     They then call you and say they have a job paying $100 a week and off you go.

     You get the $100, The company pay the agency $300, and they pocket the $200 - EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

     If the company then wants to take you on full time - there is often a penalty fee they have to pay the agency of usually 6 months salary. so is actually a problem to you and your employer if you want to stay there.

    If you want to know how it all works - pose as a company and ask if they have any workers and how much it will cost for a secretary for a few months. Then phone up again as a secretary and see how much they will pay you. 

    The best way around this is to go for the interviews set up by the agency, but don't take any jobs that they offer you. But phone the company direct offering to work for LESS than they pay the agency under your terms for a probationary period. 

     This way you are your own agency negotiating your own terms.

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