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Have you heard this story before?

I forgot the story's name but it went something like this...

 A man lived a miserable life. He was weak, unattractive in appearance, not very intelligent, lived in poverty, was rejected in everyday life, was cheated, etc. He lived in a world where he pretty much had no power or control over anything in his life. One day, he met these otherworldly creatures and they told him they had the ability to grant him a wish and give him something he truly wanted. So he told these creatures that since he was so powerless and worthless, he wanted to be someone else. So they granted him that wish. They made his life a little similar to a comic.

He then woke up the next day in an alternate reality where he was everything he never could be before. He was intelligent, middle class, good-looking, and he actually gained special abilities. Not everything in life was good, but most was. 

But there were also many challenges that came his way.

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  • 6 months ago

    That sounds like the life of a child as he grows from a boy to a man......from a useless thinker but age and knowledge changes that .....

  • 6 months ago

    Frankly it's not much of a story. Perhaps it'll get interesting once we find out what all those challenges were and how he dealt with them.

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