Would you be Interested in a App,website or book with Sewage discharge location to avoid swimming or playing in effected areas?

Would you be Interested in a website or book which showed all the Sewage discharge location to avoid swimming or playing in effected areas?

Does anyone know if such a website already exist? 

The Sewage treatment plants release millions of gallons of partially treated sewage water in the Ocean, into creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.. I know for a fact that people swim or boat in these rivers and have absolutely no idea about this. I first learned when a friend told me he went down a creek in a tire inner tube went went by an area that smelled so bad he was gagging for air. After some research I found out that his city's entire sewage treatment plant discharged the sewage into this creek. there were absolutely no warning signs or anything. He had no idea.  

I would love to know the effected areas to avoid this issue but I would like to know if other people also would be interested in a phone APP, website, map book, or something showing these locations as well? 

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  • 8 months ago
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    The data are readily available but may take years to gather. Discharge permits for wastewater treatment plants have to be renewed every so often and notices are placed in the Congressional Record. The quality of the discharge varies from plant to plant. I've seen some that were relatively untreated and some that were cleaner than the water in the stream above the outflow. I also discovered that the polluted water below the outfall was NOT due to the mismanagement of the plant (although it was very poorly managed). I traced it to a reservoir upstream, the home of hundreds of waterfowl.

    Another source of information is your state's DEP or equivalent office. They maintain files on every outfall and the violations on record for them. BTW, most of the violations involve paperwork, rather than pollution. You might call to find out whether a map of the outfalls is available online.

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