Why did the Wii U fail but the Nintendo switch succeeded even though they are similar consoles ?

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  • 5 months ago

    The main failure of the Wii U is mostly due to marketing confusion.  Those who were not familiar with the console, many thinking it was an ADD-ON to the Wii with the gamepad than a completely new console.

    Another issue was dealing with the independent dual-screen nature of the console.  While the DS & 2/3DS family of portable consoles did have dual screens, they were right next to each other to make it a bit more functional.  The Wii U had the screens running independently from each other & many developers had some problems figuring out how to properly utilize this feature.  While it could have been used to provide asymmetric local multiplayer gameplay, most have just fallen into using the gamepad screen for inventory management OR utilize off-TV support.

    The final confusion was with the Gamepad & off-TV support, as a fair number of people have asked if they could take the Gamepad with them & play their games...  which you cannot do because the gamepad doesn't take any software on itself & it has to stay within Bluetooth range of the main console to work.

    The Switch refined things into a home-portable hybrid by going back to a single screen experience that can be detached from the TV.  Going to game cards (like the DS & 2/3DS series) over optical discs helped with the ability to go portable on-the-fly.  With less confusion came more refined experiences & better adoption of 3rd party developers.

    This isn't a comprehensive answer, but it should shed some light on the subject.

  • 5 months ago

    The Wii U was marketed poorly and in a way that tended to confuse a lot of consumers. Just looking for Wii U questions on here will probably prompt a lot of people asking if the Wii and the Wii U are the same thing and that's part of the problem. People didn't know it was an all new console and the whole gamepad with a screen didn't help. A lot of people thought the gamepad was a console by itself and were disappointed when they learned it can't be used without the main unit.

    The Wii U also didn't have much of a library. It had little support from developers outside of Nintendo themselves since it was so underpowered and Nintendo has always traditionally been hard to work with, or so a lot of developers say.

    Nintendo learned from the mistakes they made with the Wii U when they made the Switch. They made the design and the marketing clear what the console was and why it was unique. They worked with third parties, particularly indie developers to get more people on  board making games for it, and probably more importantly, they actually made it portable which gave it a huge edge in places like Japan, where handheld consoles get far more mileage than home consoles.

    Really, the Switch is what Nintendo probably should've made when they made the Wii U.

  • 5 months ago

    Directly ask the people who bought the things.

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