iPhone 11 & Bluetooth issues?

Hi all,

Got an iPhone 11 & it stays connected to my Apple Watch all day but disconnects from audio playing on my Car Hands Free FM Transmitter (Generic brand) & my Bose Headphones & my Google Home!

Gone to the Apple store and their diagnostics state my Bluetooth hardware is working fine! And there is also no software issue. 

Are their different types of Bluetooth? And that is why the two Apple devices connect together ok but the others don’t? Really confused and I need sorting out.


1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    I have the Bose free sound sport and another family member also have it, and we’ve been having the same problem where 1 ear piece will sometimes disconnect. I have an iPhone and he has android. I also gave a monster clarity and sometimes only 1 ear piece gets connected so it might be a Bluetooth problem. 

    It uses radio waves and I do f k is if you were around when the first cordless phones came out but it had connection problems especially if you’re using a microwave. The microwave somehow interferes with the signal. 

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