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What causes Ketosis?

I recently did a urine test and found out that my body is in an extreme ketonic state. I redid the test multiple times and the same answer came up. I wasn’t testing for that, I was checking on if I have a UTI. I don’t follow any diet, I don’t have any conditions. Though I do have 2 autoimmune disorders: asthma and eczema (but I wouldn’t think they would do anything to affect that). I don’t think I have diabetes because my glucose is perfectly normal. I do also have tachycardia and acid reflux if that would do anything? I’m not overweight, I’m bordering underweight but I do eat moderately healthily. What else could cause Ketosis? Should I be concerned?


I eat vegetables for dinner with no meat and fruit salads for lunch. I’ll have dairy such as yoghurts and milk but I’ll only have snack meats rather than with a meal. I’m gluten intolerant so I rarely eat sandwiches with meat in and I stay away from most snacks.

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  • 3 months ago
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    Only the food that you eat can cause ketosis. If you eat predominately meat, veg, dairy. You can be in ketosis. Some people THINK you have to eat a lot of fat to get into Ketosis, you don't. The fats that naturally appear in the meat can be enough to put you into ketosis.

    You probably don't eat a lot of fat, so you think, but what ever your diet is, it's keto.

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    • lilipop3 months agoReport

      Fats is the key factor. Dairy is high in fats. So if you are only eating dairy and veg then you for sure are into ketosis. Ketosis is when your body only uses fuel source is fats instead of carbs, low carb is fine. The fact that you do not eat gluten foods, says to me you for sure in ketosis. 

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