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Wife is sick, What could it be?

I understand that Yahoo answers isn't a doctor's office. I'm just looking for ideas because we can't figure out what's going on. I took her to the Urgent care facility because she was experiencing what we thought was a UTI. She's complaining of pain in the bladder, kidneys and abdomen, Burning urination and slight blood tinge in Urine. She's been to three medical facilities in a week because of this problem. In total she's had three Urinalysis, two urine cultures, a CBC Blood panel, and abdominal X-rays. All three facilities found nothing. No signs of infection or pregnancy or STD or anything like that. There are no obvious issues coming out in any of the test. The only thing we have to go on are the symptoms themselves. Because of the symptoms they put her on an antibiotic even though none of the test showed anything. She's slowly getting worse. If it's not an infection, and there's nothing showing up in the blood test, urinalysis, or in the Abdominal Xrays. What the heck could it be? What should i be asking these doctors? None of them seem to be finding anything in their testing, but clearly something is wrong. We just don't know what to do. We're at a loss here. ¯\_(:/)_/¯

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    It's time to go beyond the generalized expertise of Urgent Care physicians to find a specialist in diseases and conditions of the urinary tract and kidneys. She should start with a urologist or nephrologist.

    In the time between now and her appointment, she needs to make sure she drinks plenty of water or other liquids (anything with alcohol or caffeine doesn't count). If her urine is nearly colorless, that's enough.

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