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why do pet owners care more about pets than human lives?

I see so many people say they don't eat certain foods and stop wearing certain textures because animals are exploited for it but are the same ones that say it's poor people's fault for not having anything to eat and they should've done well in school and went to college if they didn't want to have a bad life.

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    6 months ago

    Not all pet owners are like that. And some of the people who choose not to do things like wear fur coats made from the hides of endangered or threatened animal species have a point. I won't wear jewelry made from ivory, for example, and I won't accept ivory items as gifts, because they come from a non-renewable resource- namely, African and Asian elephants, as well as from rhinoceros horn and the tusks of endangered marine mammals like walruses and sea lions. This has nothing to do with my income or economic status- it's a matter of individual CONSCIENCE for me.

    Many of the people who choose not to eat meat from cattle or hogs do so in part because those animals are often raised under horrendously inhumane conditions, and they don't want to support an industry that views these animals as commodities instead of as living creatures. I don't- and can't- blame them for thinking this way. And again, this has nothing to do with economics- it's a cultural view, or a matter of conscience. The same applies to animals raised for both meat and for their fur or hides, like sheep or goats. Goatskin is one of the best products for leather around, because it's so soft and pliable, but yet it's strong. To get it, you obviously have to kill the goat first- and people who are opposed to using animals for human consumption generally object to this.

    On another front, there have always been- and always will be- people who blame the poor for being poor. Our own president is one of these people. He has little if any compassion for anyone without a six figure income, at the very least. And there are millions of people in this country who seem to think that his behavior is okay, so nothing has been done to really help those who need it.

  • 6 months ago

    Animals raised for food and fur arent pets tho

  • 7 months ago

    The ones that do are mental ill and need treatment. A pet will never, ever be more important then a human life. 

    Far to many parents have dogs that are aggressive and a danger ot the child but put the dog above the child and should have the kids taken away from them and the dog destroyed 

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    some people have had bad experiences with people

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