Kaden asked in HealthOptical · 9 months ago

How do I tighten the monofilament line in my rimless glasses?

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  • Bort
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    9 months ago

    The monofilament line, if you didn't know, is just that. It's fishing line. Replace what's there with fishing line. It's probably a good idea to use a thicker fishing line to insure strength. I would probably use at least 10lb test. It looks like they used a pretty heavy pound test line in this video. At a guess what they're using might be around 20lb test. The thicker the better. Too thin of line might not grip well in the holes and you of course don't want too thick of line that won't go through the holes. 


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    Many eye doctors offices will adjust or fix frames for free. Wal-mart's vision centers are one of them that even if you're not a customer and didn't get your glasses or exams there they'll fix them up for you at no charge. 

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