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I have recently got a puppy who is 12 weeks now. She is super energetic and eats great.

Today in the morning I heard her stomach growling and rumbling. Later on it kept happening and when I would pick her up it would do the same. 

I cook her food for her so I gave her chicken mixed with some beef and rice and she usually gets at it and finishes in no time but right now she smelt it and didn’t even try to eat it. When I offer her doggy treats she doesn’t refuse them. 

She’s not completely weak but neither is she her energetic self. So now I’m worried and thinking she has to eat so I give her some yogurt which she also loves and she’ll only eat it when I dip my finger in it and let her lick my finger. 

I read online that it could be intestinal parasites, but she didn’t vomit neither does she have diarrhea. 

I’m really hoping that it’s nothing serious and she just simply doesn’t feel good today, like it happens once a while to us all. 🥺

All advice/comments are appreciated! Thank you.


She’s feeling much better today! No tummy noises and she’s eating good again and running around like crazy))

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    Puppies have extremely sensitive little tummies and despite all of your watching and observing her, she very well could have gotten into something she shouldn't have. Happens to every dog owner at some point in their lives. I've had my dog for 7 months and have already had the chewing on crap in the yard and diarrhea because of it,  pulling out rope from the butt, flecks of swallowed toys in the's a fun adventure. He's also turned his nose up at his every day food, quit eating breakfast for 3 weeks, decided he was done with pumpkin by throwing it up on the floor...UGH. But I got through it all and you will, too. 

    Take her to the vet to rule out anything else. Parasites are, luckily, very easy and pretty cheap to get rid of, and if you just noticed this today, she should be fine if there is anything wrong. 

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    Your dog is not getting the proper nutrition with this rice mixture. She needs to be on a good kibble to get the proper nutrition she needs. She may be malnourished now & having tummy problems.

    The rice mixtures are good to bring dogs out of severely malnourished state because it is easily digested but once a dog is back up again, it goes back on whatever he was eating before or it could be a perfect time to switch dog food brands.

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    Take the puppy to the vet.

    "It could be intestinal parasites"    This would be a non-issue if you had taken the pup (and a fecal sample) to the vet. 

    And please tell the vet your are feeding this dog meat and rice.   Someone needs to give you "the talk". 

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    At 12 weeks old you should have that dog at the veterinarian getting a full checkup and all their shots. There is no reason to be giving the dog chicken every single day.

    Cute puppy

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Awe cute puppy! Take her to the vet just to be safe. It could be nothing. But if it's something, you get it early so it won't be so much money and less time the puppy has to suffer. I hope everything is ok. :)

  • Barry
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    Take her to a vet. She probably has roundworm as most puppies do initially.

    A vet will weigh her and give you the tablets. She should also have her shots if she hasn't already had them. Neglect could mean you lose her.

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