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What sports do you play or used to play ?

I played football (soccer) for about a year, went to rugby union for about 5 years, cricket about 6 years during summer months. Still a huge rugby fan, not really football. 

Curious to know what sports you lot played especially you Americans.  

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    There were dozens as a kid. From college on, there were fewer: badminton, volleyball, football (American), basketball (never very good), softball (ditto), weight-lifting, bowling. As a grad student, I picked up fencing and eventually turned pro. That's no big deal; most people considered professional under AFLA rules have never even held a foil. Anyone who ever got paid in connection with any sport is considered a professional fencer, even if it was just being an umpire at a Little League game.

    There are also the sometimes-solitary sports, such as hiking, fishing, and hunting.

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    Played Rugby Union and Cricket 

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    I used to play a bit of football at school, but that's really what they did! 

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    Football, cricket, marathon running (6 x finisher)

  • Grew up playing hockey (ice hockey); played for a rugby (union; didn't have league as an option- this was a decade plus before the Wolfpack were a thing) club in Toronto. Gave that up; play (occasionally) in a men's hockey league now. Playing more golf than anything else (I'll be 50 in a couple years).

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    Not a football or soccer player except as a teenager, my sports were not group sports more individual activities so more surfing, skiing(water & snow) were in my realm.

    A lot of backpacking (tramping) in the schedule in the outback for a week or two and than come back to surfing and skiing.

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    I was useless at football. Then my school decided to play rugby union. I loved it and went on to play for my local team ( not very well). Then I met my partner and we had kids so rugby was out. But I always think of rugby as a thinking man's game. Much more planning and tactics.

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    Played 2 years of volleyball in high school

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