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how to deal with back acne in ballet?

I’ve had acne on my back for years now and it never bothered me because I just wore high back leotards but I’ve always been VERY self conscious about it and the thought of someone seeing makes me want to cry. Whenever parties come up I have a night of panic where I just hate myself because everyone has to see, sometimes I even end up not going. But there’s a new uniform policy in our studio where we must wear these leotards which show off your whole back and I am absolutely dreading it. 

There are no excuses aloud... I have to wear it. 

The new uniform starts tomorrow. What do I do? :(

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  • L
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    4 months ago

    Only YOU can make the decision to either continue dancing and be in constant pain or pay attention to your back and health.  Remember, your back and health is LIFETIME - dancing isn't.

  • drip
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    5 months ago

    You wear the leotard. NO one else is going to care at all. And you may find you are not the only one with back or arm acne. 

    You may be able to wear a dance shrug, but usually the teacher wants them off once you have warmed up. You are in a small dance class, not a party. Dancers are working and sweating. Not passing judgment on your skin. My daughter has danced for over 17 years. 

    You need to address your acne with a dermatologist. There are medications and products that can help. If the doctor you are with isn’t helping change doctors. If you are with a general practitioner, fo to a dermatologist.  If the medication isn’t working keep trying. Your doctor should be doing more than just giving you medications.  What can you do with your daily routine to help it.  

  • Nunya
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    5 months ago

    You could tell them that you are very conscious of your back being exposed. Perhaps they can make an exception for you.

  • 5 months ago

    Well, for this moment, you either quit this studio or wear the new uniform and show your back.  

    If your back acne really bothers you, it is time for you to consider taking Accutane and getting light therapy.  Accutane is effective when other oral antibiotics have failed.  Blue light therapy kills bacteria on the skin.  

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  • 5 months ago

    I suggest treating it as a medical issue rather than a "ballet" one.  Seek out professional advice from a dermatologist and be sure to explain the importance of treating it cosmetically as well as symptomatically.  He/she may be able to suggest cover-up methods that you can use in class while also treating the condition itself.

    If you dance professionally keep good records because you may be able to claim some of these treatments (and even the makeup) as tax write offs.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    It won't clear by tomorrow, but there's a regimen that's not all that hard that really worked for our kids during their teens.

    Clean sheets at least once a week, washed in hot water. More frequent change is better. If this is more than the laundry-doer at your house can handle, wash 'em yourself.

    Clean towels, same.

    Shower once a day, soaping affected area gently but thoroughly with Neutrogena soap formulated for acne.

    A back brush with fairly soft bristles to help reach the middle. No hard scrubbing!

    Second quick shower soon after any serious sweat-producing activity, using any antibacterial soap. No need to use the back brush so long as you get soapy on your whole back.

    Scrupulously clean shirts and bras. No second wearings, and change it if you sweated in it. If the shirt can take it, hot or at least warm water laundering. Again, wash 'em yourself.

    If you’ve got long hair, keep it very clean, pulled back so it covers only a part of the back when not in public. In heat, a braid. Overnight, a braid. The idea is to keep your clean hair off your skin as much as possible.

    Short periods of exposure to sun, not enough to show a tan line. (15 minutes a couple times a week helped a lot.) <--this made a huge difference, but in a winter climate, it's not always possible.

    For our kids, sticking to every element of this did the trick. If they got lazy about any of it, they'd break out again.

  • 5 months ago

    Invent and build a time machine, go back in time a couple of weeks and ask your question then so you don't have to ask it when the deadline is next day. Hope this helped.

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