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Does sun conjunction moon create a long relationship? In synastry?

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago
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    It creates a strong attraction and a strong bond. The Sun person's self-esteem and identity are reinforced by the way the Moon person is, emotionally. And the Sun person' self-confidence feels emotionally "right" to the Moon person and is able to supply the Moon person with a sense of emotional safety. But not necessarily a long relationship.

    A long relationship? That rarely happens unless one person has their Ascendant or Descendant conjunct the other person's Sun or Moon or Venus or Mars. If this kind of synastry conjunction is not present between the two charts, it is most unlikely that a serious relationship will form, or that if it does form that the relationship will last more than 1-3 years.

    Understand that while the good stuff makes us want to be in a relationship with someone, this is only 11% of what makes a relationship last. Once the honeymoon phase dies out, issues and problems, conflicts and attempts to make the other person change (so WE don't have to work with OUR emotions) ... all of these start up and the relationship will fall apart unless both of the are emotionally mature (able to work with their own emotional responses). Too much strife and lack of acceptance can wreck even the best relationship.

    Also ... often people who are not yet emotionally stable and whole inside, are addicted to the "high" of the short-term infatuation phase .. it distracts them from their inner unrest, or their inner unhappiness. And if they are infatuation-addicts, when the "high" dies out within 1-3 years, they are confined love has died and go off looking for that "high" from someone else.

    Even in the presence of the Asc /Desc type of conjunction mentioned above, UNLESS both are mature enough, the relationship won't last. It just will last more than 1-3 years .. but rarely more than 10-15 years unless both are skilled at being kind even when upset.

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