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3 week long period on birth control?

I have been on Sprintec 28 since Oct. 2019. I opted to skip the placebos and only take active pills (now kind of kicking myself as I think this might be the issue)

 I have been bleeding like constantly a month after I began it. Currently, I have been spotting(dark/brown) for 2 weeks, and now been on a what seems to be a normal period for a week (light color a bit heavier) I am pretty concerned. I talked to my doc and she said it is normal. That was a month ago, but I just am super worried. Any advice or experiences that are similar? Should I continue taking this pill, try a new one, stop BC all together?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    I’m actually going through something similar as i write this. I went on the pill specifically to control bleeding, I have been bleeding for 12 straight days. But the only thing is I have not gotten to the placebos yet. I hope we can figure this out because it is only a matter of time before anemia sets in

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