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Maggie asked in SportsFootballScottish Football · 1 month ago

I guess it's left up to Rangers to do Scottish football proud in Europe. What happened bhoys?

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  • Ryan
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    1 month ago
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    Again very wasteful with the chances, I think they were unlucky not to have a goal I think it was McGregor's strike and a foul on the keeper from Edouard I'm sure but nothing much in it for me. But what really went wrong was the defending that was horrendous. I knew as long as Simunovic stayed on the pitch there'd be more goals for Copenhagen. The only reason he has lasted this long at Celtic is because the quality of football in Scotland is poor. He can't even get a cap for his country even though he has played for the best team in Croatia and then again the best team in Scotland. But what is he now, 25? Rangers have two Croatians who've played for their country and they've not been as blessed as Simunovic. The goals Celtic conceded were comical. I wouldn't want to be too harsh on Forster with what he was dealing with in front of him but I also feel he could have had a better night. Scott Brown again showed he is out of his depth playing in Europe. He can play with a hunger and desire and he tries his best he gets stuck in but he's not that good on the ball. I thought some players had a good game just were a bit unlucky. Copenhagen definitely came into the game with confidence and did very well to come away with the win they needed. I thought they actually played really well frustrated Celtic a bit but when Celtic had the chances they couldn't finish them. Half time came at the wrong time of course took the momentum out that period before half time looked the most likely they'd score I think. But I will also mention the Copenhagen keeper, forget his name, again made some great saves but at times his positioning was poor and he was there to be taken advantage of. I guess that moment I mentioned earlier where the ref calls for a foul from Edouard I think that was on the keeper and McGregor I think smashed it home, again I wouldn't say there was a foul there but idk maybe it was a foul on the defender or whoever I only caught one replay on it, but that moment was an example of the keeper being caught in no mans land. It was a great response from Copenhagen after conceding the goal they scored almost immediately when Celtic were on a high and at this point Celtic now needed two goals to win with very little time left after already struggling to score all night. Lennon must accept some of the blame as well, his team selection I wouldn't have agreed with 2 or 3 players but I'm not sure what his plan was if there was a plan at all and if there was then it didn't look like he had much of a plan B. I thought it was a nice moment when Brown gives Edouard some encouragement for the pen even though I don't think he should have been on the pitch but I'll give him a bit of credit for that that is his job in the team. And if anyone disagrees with me on Brown being out of his depth, first of all he's too old anyway, and secondly what did he ever do for the national team either? Sorry about the length here Maggie I just had a few things I wanted to say 

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