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I need help! Inability to study!! Help please. ?

So I have my final exams, A-Levels and at the moment I’m having mocks, which is before the A-Levels ( also very important) and I can’t study. I feel so weary and I can’t concentrate, the most I can do is 20 mins and I’m barely efficient. I’m trying to push myself but it’s not making a difference, my mind is elsewhere. I procrastinate, I’ll admit that but I’m motivated so why am I procrastinating?? Even when I’m not I just find it sooo hard to study. The slightest thing can distract me and I’m just not into it. 

It’s frustrating because I really do want to do well and go the extra mile for three exams but I can’t pick myself up. Most people say lack of discipline but even when I carry myself to my desk to study I just can’t. Please be brutally honest with me. I need it, I’m frustrated. I have an exam tomorrow and I don’t feel pressured AT ALL and I’m barely ready. And I don’t have any distractions, no tv for me, just my phone and I only use it when I realize I have to break cos I can’t study. The most my phone does is extend my break Time but I wouldn’t say it’s a factor influencing much. Please help me, give me advice. I feel so tired 24/7 I feel like the air I’m breathing is making me weary cos there’s nothing else to make me tired apart from lack of sleep and I sleep. I feel so lazy and Unmotivated to do anything. Please share your advice and thoughts with me, I’ll really appreciate. Thanks.

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  • 1 month ago

    I understand what you mean.

    try to relax sit back for a second and take a couple deep breaths. find a clean comfortable work space organize your work and make a plan. turn on some soft music to help ur mind from wondering, if you read, read out loud so the words don’t go in one ear and out the other. restate and repeat what you go over so it sticks set a timer for an hr and every hr take a 10 min break to get up stretch. but don’t stop working until you fully feel ready.

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