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She says we're just friends, but doesn't act like it. I'm confused?

A couple weeks ago this girl I liked at college said we are just friends and I accepted it and moved on with my life. But ever since then she's been acting super weird and always wanting to do one on one stuff with me. A couple days ago we went shopping as a group with her roommates, and I went off own my own to grab somethings and she followed me. We usually play pool as a friend group and she never plays. But yesterday she saw me playing by myself and was like "yeah could we play pool after dinner?" She tells me a lot of stuff about her personal life she doesn't even tell her roommates and gets mad when I don't do the same.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    She’s playing with your head because she’s too immature to get involved. Either challenge her directly and try to get an answer, or move on to someone less exhausting. Shouldn’t be this difficult.

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