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UK Govt. decision to give go-ahead to Heathrow Airport's plan for 3rd runway was unlawful,court rule.Does govt.seem to get much wrong.?


- 10 yrs in power and expert advice.

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  • 1 month ago
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    I think this issue epitomises what is wrong with the UK .

    Every major decision this country ever seems to take is  blocked for years by someone ,or other, on some grounds or other .This country lurches forward in a permanent state of paralysis .

    The liberal- left in particular think that democracy means blocking any decision they don't like -- that however long the argument and debate has been leading up to the decision , they think it acceptable to reject it .

    That is not the democratic way .

    Democracy is about arguing your corner ,and then putting the decision to a vote -- and accepting the vote .Heathrow is just another Brexit .

    Various Public enquiries and Parliaments have debated all the issues involved in this issue ,many times -- and parliament has invariably made the same decision .

    For a court to reject that decision -- because the judges , didn't think sufficient weight had been given to some arguments, is a usurpation of their power -- it is not up to judges to demand that the arguments they personally feel are more important than others should have been given more weight -- just that all arguments were heard and considered before the decision was made .

    When judges seek to make the decisions which are those for parliament to make -- they are usurping Parliament.

    • stephen1 month agoReport

      You argue it very well. Your overall paralysis pt. is well taken - and however we get to that paralysis in each case, I agree it can never be to the long-term good of the country.  

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  • 1 month ago

    Lots of them do.

    A few examples:

    USA = Dumpling cult takeover.

    Israel: NutNYahoo's genocidal, fright-wing madness creating ill will towards Israel. Which is super stupid, considering the history of the treatment of Jewish people and the fact that Israel MUST survive.

    UK: Falklands war.

    I'm sure there are dozens more, but I'm pretty sleep-deprived right now. Haven't slept in weeks. UGH.

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  • Cei
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    I think you'll find it was the previous government (Labour) who gave the go ahead to this.

    That aside - it was always a stupid decision to expand Heathrow, it's already too crowded there. It makes more sense to expand Gatwick or Stanstead

    • stephen1 month agoReport

      - agreed, it was Labour and pushed by them, I agree some different plan is needed. Likely, this decision will delay all, yet again. Absence of decent planning.

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  • 1 month ago

    They have only been in power for a short time, not much time to get

    things wrong,

    • stephen1 month agoReport

      Tories have been in power for 10 years. Latest- 3rd incarnation has been in power for what, 4 months, 

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