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Why am I so attached to my big brother & I m 19?

So I m 19 and my big brother is 22. I absolutely adore him and my friends don t know why because he comes off as rude which he is a bit "cold hearted" and never shows his emotions or says love you unless its my birthday. I m very emotional and just the thought of him being upset makes me cry I can t even think about it without full blown crying. I try to facetime him a lot, i text him everyday, im always saying "love you". I have a feeling it s because we didn t have a dad growing up and our mom wasn t affectionate at all and would hand us to our grandparents most of the time which lead to us fully living with our grandparents. We went though a lot with our mom being bipolar and I guess "neglectful", she constantly partied and had many many many boyfriends who were drug addicts, drunks, abusive and just flat out psycho. Going back and forth with our grandparents and mom growing up, not really having the stability but having my brother with me 24/7 I think is the reason why I m so attached to him, but im not sure. He pushes his feelings down, the man never cries ever except when it has to do with our grandparents crying because we are incredibly close with them. anyways idk??

3 Answers

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    probably cause you spent a lot of time with him growing up

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  • 1 month ago

    Because he's your brother and like your g/parents, is one of the stable 2 things in your life. There's no problem in loving your sibling. Your friends see him differently to you - that's all. They are entitled to an opinion - but they shouldn't voice it to you if it hurts you. You do and feel what YOU want to do and feel - not what other people think you OUGHT to do and feel. Stop worrying about it. I'm sure he loves you just as much. You give him the affection he needs and although he's not demonstrative, you obviously feel his love for you That's all that matters.

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  • 1 month ago

    He’s probably like a father figure to you. You said he doesn’t show emotions, he sounds like a stoic and strong guy. You look up to him because he’s your rock as you go through difficult times.

    • carol1 month agoReport

      aw exactly, love that!

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