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Scared of dentist plus bad brushing habit?

So I have a really bad habit of not brushing my teeth. I know it sounds gross and I know I should do it but I can’t build the habit. As a kid my parents never really taught me about it, my dentist would but even then my parents never brush or anything like that so I just never did. Now, I do brush them every once in a while and then feel super guilty. I’m 18 now and want to start IMMEDIATELY building the habit as I’m even disappointed in myself for letting the bad non brushing habit go on for a long time. This bad habit has made me scared to goto my dentist. Every time I go she has to go on about how horrible I do and that I’m gonna lose teeth and how she can’t believe I do this. So now it’s been about 2 years since going. I can’t take it anymore with a dentist just hounding at me I know it’s gross but it just makes me feel so bad the comments she makes. Im hoping once I get this good habit by setting phone alarms I’ll be able to goto a dentist again without the complaining. Now before I go on I did have a time where I really brushed my teeth everyday (after getting braces I brushed my teeth 3 times daily) and I don’t even know how the habit went away from that as soon as I got them off. Is there more ways to make the habit than just setting alarms? And are all dentists like that? Are they all just going to think I’m gross?


I’m aware I’m 18 now as of a month ago. I’m not at all trying to blame my parents, just pointing out my parents never brush and never had problems so I just never really thought of brushing as a big deal until I looked into it. I’m asking how to get into the habit to better myself and take responsibility. I 100% know I could’ve gotten into the habit myself but I just need help on how.

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    if your mouth isn't hurting, and you have been brushing then you might be fine, you might have a cavity which can get filled. but other than that you might actually be safe. its not safe to avoid the dentist. they are just concerned with your oral health. and lets say you do have to get a tooth removed its not the serious. Its all just trying to make sure you don't live your life in pain.

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    If you are an adult then what did or did not happen as a child is irrelevant. as an adult, you are responsible for doing the right thing. You aren't scared, you are embarrassed. Get over it and start behaving like an adult! Most dentists aren't going to make those kinds of comments but it would be negligent of them not to say something.

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