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Who’s Fault is it?

So we cut 1 of our trees down, it was in our fenced yard. But some of the branches went into the neighbors yard.

We asked the neighbor if he would like some wood

He said yes.

So the tree got cut down

He got his share of wood, we got ours.

He used his chainsaw to cut smaller chunks of wood.

Well when wood was getting hauled off, 

My mom unexpectedly didn’t know the agreement to split wood.

The fence opens to where we are able to walk in an open field.

My mom told the guys to get their wood and haul it off as well. 

She figured she would help them by cleaning up the mess.

Well the Neighbor wasn’t happy. Saying he’s going to call the cops etc. we took his wood.

It was our tree....

But Who was in the wrong???

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    well, if you were having all YOUR wood  hauled away anyway.......then why not offer it ALL to the neighbor.....who wanted wood? 

    and since he  technically helped you out and used HIS chainsaw to chop some of it up, after you said he could have it........then technically.....he has the right to be pissed, since someone entered HIS Property ,. to steal the wood he just spent time on chopping up. 

    A silly mistake.........and you should now at least make a peace offering  since he did waste his time,. chopping up your now you owe him something. 

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  • 1 month ago

    If it wasnt on his property.... He cant do anything.

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