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Is this still bad for you?

If your a very muscular adult and athlete may be classed "overweight" or "obese" even though your body fat is low.

So basically can you be obese/overweight with muscle and still have no health risks?

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    Sound like you are using BMI. BMI is not an exact science. It is in fact based on statistical correlation between weight and risk of developing heart disease and does NOT factor in differences in body type and body musculature. A prime example I use is Arnold Schwarzenegger who won 5 Mr. Universe and 7 Mr. Olympia championships.  At the height of his competitive career, he was 6'2" at about 240 lb with less than 5% body fat. His BMI = 30.8, which according to BMI scale means he was obese. This illustrates the flaw in BMI.

    Someone who is muscular and have low body fat does NOT have any reason to lose weight. What is that person suppose to do? Lose muscle mass? I know of zero doctors and scientific studies that conclude losing muscle mass is a good thing.

    Now, if the person is muscular AND have high body fat, then that would be a problem.  Because low in weight is not an reliable indicator of health; it is low in body fat that is the better indicator.

    There are many methods used in medical science to determine body fat percentile, but you do even need that level of accuracy.  There is a very simple way to determine whether or not you have too much body fat:  the special K pinch test. All you do is standup or situp straight and pinch the skin fold of your waist between you thumb and fingers. If you can snag an inch or more folds, then you need to lower your body fat percentage.  Another very simple indicator of low body fat is your abs: if you are male and can see a 6 packs or the outlines of one, then you have 10% or less body fat which is puts you in the professional athlete range. Take a browse at these 2 webpages - 



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    Yes it's still bad for you if you're overweight, and with a low body percentage. The reason is that the extra weight still places extra stress on the heart. So while some of the risks are reduced, they're still there. However the effects won't show up until later on in life. While the short term benefits are there, it's the long term to many either don't look at, or worse refuse to look at and accept.

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    Fat is bad for you. Being heavy and muscular is not bad for you. 

    Obese is a nice way of saying fat, so fat people do not get offended. 

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    You are probably referring to BMI or body mass index.  BMI is a metric designed to measure populations of people, NOT individuals.  Some doctors like to use BMI because it is simple but it is also poor for exactly the reasons you have mentioned.  BMI disregards body type, genetics, and fat percentage.  A better measurement of fitness is your waist size and body fat percentage. 

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