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I asked a bicycle shop if they sold bicycle with only two wheels.?

The shop attended on phone was very bizzare and said of course, and I said yes but are they just the standard ones?? with wheels in front of each other??, as I was seeing if they sold biccyles with only TWO wheels but side by side, as they take up less room going forward. I asked if they would be interested in selling these if they don't already. He then said something I couldn't hear and hung up. Should I take a drawing in of this to him, as he seemed bizzare on phone??? Do you have a bicclye with two wheels only? 


Yes Jerry, thats excatly the true type of biccyle I was after!! The bike shop person was an idiot not knowing about this. I will buy one, but don't know where

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    Sounds impossible, but since the man you talk to on the phone seemed annoyed, it's best not to ask him anymore about it.

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