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A bambi 2 cartoon dialogue question?

On 'Bambi 2 Escape from Ronno' scene, to the part where:

Bambi said "I'm not a coward! (Made a brave kind of sound)"

Ronno said "Oh, a Yeah, sure", then told Faline "- come on, let's go"

Faline said "I'm staying here"

Ronno said "Aahh, come on"

Faline said "Ronno, quit it!"

Bambi said "Leave her alone!"

Then what will Bambi(& Faline) say to Ronno if Ronno say to Bambi "Look Bambi!, I can do anything I like with Faline, & I can take Faline anyplace I want, now get away from here" ?

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1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


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