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Anonymous asked in SportsRunning · 1 month ago

What Garmin Watch should I buy?

I’ve always used Fitbit but I’m considering switching over to Garmin. I’m a long distance runner and I’m training for a half marathon so my distances can vary from 5km to 20km. 

I would like a watch that has all the features I’d need to get accurate results from. 

I’ve never really looked into Garmin and they have just so many Different watches that I’m really confused as to which I should buy. 

If anyone can help that’d be great thanks. 

3 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    We really can't say without knowing more about what features you do need or want.

    I can tell you I like the one I have.

    The Garmin Forerunner watches are designed specifically for running. I have a Forerunner 220, and I'm very happy with it, although it has little use when I'm not running.

    Although I question the current pace it shows, the GPS location, total distance, and time are very accurate. Hence, average pace is accurate. 

    Here are some features:

    * Heart rate monitor, chest strap type, optional

    * Support for intervals by distance, time, or open

    * Support for run / walk

    * Auto pause

    * Pace alert (too fast, too slow)

    * Heart rate alert (too high, too low)

    * Auto lap

    * Upload workout data (to Garmin)

    The FR 220 is discontinued, but I would probably be happy with one of its successors.

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  • .
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I have the VivoactiveHR and really dig it (and use it mostly for running). 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I switched from Fitbit to Garmin several years ago and have been quite happy as a result.  In fairness, Fitbit's software is much better - Garmin's can be kind of clunky.  But Garmin's hardware is much better.  I tested my last Fitbit and found that the accuracy varied between 40% and 90% depending upon my pace - it was most accurate when I was walking quite slowly and wildly inaccurate when I was running.  I returned that one for another and had similar results.  I tried one last time and the third Fitbit had the exact same issue.  So I switched to Garmin.

    I currently have the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music and am quite happy with it.  Admittedly I use it primarily for hiking and walking (shin splints one year followed by a hamstring tear the next year convinced me to slow down), but it's got pretty good accuracy and some nice features.  I have a friend who is into marathons and has the Forerunner.  I believe it's the 645 model.  He really likes it.

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