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How do I get a specific album I’ve created on my iPhone to a shared google photos folder?

Hi, so my friend got married a month ago and I took over 700 photos on my iPhone  (don’t judge me). All the couples’ few friends that were able to travel for the wedding have a shared album on google photos. I didn’t want to bombard the couple with 700 photos so I favorited the best 200 and created an album on my iPhone. When I go to upload photos to the shared album, I see my entire camera role. I can’t find a way to select to upload a specific album. I don’t even see which ones were favorites on my camera roll to just select those. Is there any way I can upload just the wedding album I created on my iPhone?

I tried uploading my photos to my computer in hopes that it would parse it out by album and then I could upload it to google photos from my computer (PC, Windows 10). I’ve never synced my phone to iTunes or downloaded my photos to my PC before. I tried using the photos app in windows 10 to download the photos and it keeps crashing and exiting. I synced my phone to iTunes, but I don’t know how to find if the photos have uploaded to my PC. 

I’d really appreciate some help on how to get this wedding album on the shared google photos folder via any means. Thank you! 

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