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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 3 months ago

I hear a dog barking incessantly from upstairs a lot. Is this normal?

4 Answers

  • Bort
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    Not normal and also not something you need to tolerate if it's bothering you. There's the point of minding your own business, of course, but in most areas of the world there are ordinances that pertain to dogs barking. Most of them say that it is illegal for a dog to be barking for more than 10 minutes unprovoked. It's a disturbance.

    Dogs should only be barking periodically to communicate or alert or in defense and when they do it for those, acceptable, reasons they usually don't and shouldn't do it for very long. They shouldn't and usually don't bark constantly unless they're upset or something's wrong. 

    If you're brave and kind enough go knock on the door and check on them. Maybe the owner is injured or something. If they answer simply say that their dog's barking raise your concern of their well being and you're just checking on them to be sure they're ok. If you're sure they are home and they don't answer the door I would suggest you consider calling police to have them check on them, when you call share the situation that the dog is barking almost constantly. You're sure the owner is home and you knocked to check on them but nobody answered the door so you'd like someone to check on their safety. 

    If the owner is not home and the dog is barking that is still something that can be dealt with if it's bothering you (I'm a dog owner, trainer, and love all animals but if a neighbors dog were barking almost constantly I would be extremely annoyed!). The people to ask to deal with it are police or animal control. 

    Of course we don't want to be the 911-happy-neighbor. Maybe ask the landlord to address it first. In my opinion it's best approached like you're concerned about the neighbor, not that you're complaining (even if it is complaint worthy). 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    A dog that is unhappy, o4  suffers from separation anxiety, or is Young and has not been trained yet, o4 is lonely, or is hungry, or needs to go out to relieve itself, or barks at everything and anything to break the monotony ....incessant barking would be normal.

    Once a dog is mature and has been trained usually won’t bark unless something is out of the ordinary or needs to be out to relieve itself.   Dogs that have been abandoned,or are home at excessive times alone like ten hours or more may develop these barking habits. 

    No, it is not normal for dogs to sit and bark themselves crazy all the time.

    Do you know weather your neighbor from upstairs is at home when the dog does this or the dog only does this when they leave for work.

    You might want to let the neighbor know the dog barks like that, make a shrort recording of the barking... not a whole days worth but like two sessions in one day so you can play it back for the neighbor to hear so they believe you about the barking frenzy rather than a solitary bark which most owners will protest and say that their dog will never bark like you are describing... just let them know you have heard him barking like that and wonder if he is doing okay or if they are okay...or if you are uncomfortable confronting the neighbor about it you can tell with the landlord about it.

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  • 3 months ago

    A well trained happy dog shouldn't need to be behaving like that, especially as it's obviously being a nuisance to anybody within earshot.    If you are concerned, go up and politely enquire whether the dog is ok 'since you hear him a lot'.   If this is bothering you and nothing is done to stop this, then you can go to your local Animal Control/Environmental Control people.

    It sounds as if this dog may be spending way too long left on it's own.

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  • Norman
    Lv 7
    3 months ago's what dogs do best.

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