Am I moving too fast?

First we were on and off, then we made it official while I took a job in a different state for a year, and I just moved back and now we are finally face to face in a relationship and man it has been a journey so far. I am insecure, I’ll admit. I get mad at things like him commenting on local girls’ pictures or he would follow a lot of girls on social media. And he changed that for me, he no longer comments or even likes. Recently I got mad because we both agreed that we will find an apartment together. We saved money together and reached our goal to move in a place but now he wants to wait a few more months because he is waiting on this pay out so he can buy a house. Not to mention he doesn’t want me to meet his parents. Not even his boys know about me and that’s alarming being that your boys are usually the first to know. Is he hiding me because he’s embarrassed or he is cautious like how he say he is? Or maybe I am just rushing it being its only been 2 months since we officially been face to face? I feel betrayed because the things he was saying while we were long distance is not the same thing that is happening now. 

Another thing is he is too nonchalant, he is about 8 years older than me, so he doesn’t really get romantic or emotional. Meanwhile I am emotional sometimes, and I want to see some type of affection. I don’t know… he is a good guy, but I haven’t been happy and I cant tell if its because I am not happy within myself or the relationship…. ANYONE . HELP! 

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  • 4 months ago
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    so many variables to this situation:

    1) a house is better anyway so the money isnt going nowhere. its going towards your house, which youd own! So thats smarter.

    2) I dont think you should be surprised if its not the same face to face. I mean.......duh.

    3) 2 months is too early to introduce to your family

    4) he probably doesnt want to expose his kids to you in case it doesnt work out.

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  • 4 months ago

    If he wants people to know about you he will tell them. It's got nothing to do with you not being good enough or worthy enough of his attention and recognition. He sounds like he's not good enough for your needs and desires. I think you two are on different pages, he probably believes it's far more casual than you do but you have never spoken so how would you know? Do stand for this crap, him letting people know about you is an important part of feel seen and acknowledged as a romantic partner. Sometimes even though it feels like your digging your own heart out with a plastic fork you have to let go and Ask yourself "do I want this to work just because I want A RELATIONSHIP to work and exsist in my life in general or do I actually think he's right for me now?"

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  • 4 months ago

    That is why I prefer sniffing young office ladies' fart gas ripping out from their tight executive pencil skirts...

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